Snippet: One Person’s History of Twitter, From Beginning to End ☇

Shared on October 16, 2017

Mike Monteiro:

There was a time where Twitter was a place you went to fuck around, and accidentally made friends and got smarter. It’s been years since I’ve felt smarter after being exposed to Twitter, but trust me, those days were real. They happened.

College-me was into Facebook during its earliest days, but moved over to Twitter for the reason of it being something new and people you didn’t know in real life. Often getting real-life friends to join required a pitch of ‘what’s the point?’ and the fact that it was sort of stupid and fun made it enjoyable. Outside of the ongoing stress that it causes because I tend to have similar views as some of the people I follow in the tech and sports worlds, the company’s tone-deaf responses also leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I’ve all but stepped away from Facebook because of the sheer creepiness and stupidity that exists there, and typically use Twitter through a third-party client, but I often wonder if I left, would I really miss much?

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