Snippet: Opt-Out of Verizon Sharing Your Usage Data ☇

Shared on October 18, 2012

Zach Epstein for BGR explains that Verizon seems to anonymously share data about its customers, while AT&T also collects the data, but only uses it to further promote its own products:

If you purchased a new iPhone 5 or any other smartphone in the past 30 days and you want to stop Verizon from sharing your usage data with advertisers and other companies, simply visit the privacy management page on the carrier’s account management site and select “Don’t Share” for each option that is presented.

AT&T has a similar opt-out policy, but the carrier does not appear to require users to opt out within 30 days of a new activation. AT&T also doesn’t sell the data it collects to outside companies, but instead uses it to “offer you products and services, packages, discounts and promotions from the AT&T companies, such as High Speed DSL Internet access, wireless service and U-verse TV services, which may be different from the types of services you already purchase.”

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