Snippet: OS X Reviewed ☇

Shared on April 16, 2015

John Siracusa:

Nearly 15 years ago, I wrote my first review of Mac OS X for a nascent “PC enthusiast’s” website called Ars Technica. Nearly 15 years later, I wrote my last. Though Apple will presumably announce the next major version of OS X at WWDC this coming June, I won’t be reviewing it for Ars Technica or any other publication, including the website you’re reading now.

I always enjoyed John’s reviews, even if they were a bit more detailed than most people would need. It’ll be a bit weird with the inevitable next version of OS X and not going through the new features with a lengthy review handy. With Apple moving to yearly release cycles a few years ago, writing a large review for each release is just untenable. Thanks, John, and enjoy having a bit more free time this summer!

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