Snippet: Oscar and Maddy in the Apple Store ☇

Shared on November 19, 2017

David Chartier:

Apple recently approached the Bear folks about adding their app to Apple Store demo devices. Of course we said yes, and I was tasked with creating the demo content that would be loaded into the app.

For one of the demo notes, the fine folks at Bear gave me the green light to include a photo of Oscar and Maddy, the cattle dogs Jessi and I have raised since they were each eight weeks old. If you are so inclined, you can see more of them on my personal blog. Maddy (the one on the left) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly a year ago this month. At just a hair under 10, she went too soon.

Whenever I’d go to the Apple Store, I’d always be curious where the demo content came from (I’m still wondering the backstory of the Cubs/Tigers ticket from June 10, 2015), and this was one that I had to go back and take a look on one of the devices. It’s pretty neat that it is somewhat intentional.

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