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Snippet: Outlawed by Amazon ☇

Shared on October 22, 2012

Martin Bekkelund shares the story of a friend whose Kindle was wiped, account was shut down, and no explanation by Amazon, even after some prying. This is both scary, and also the type of thing that drives people away from online retailers. The fact that Amazon has a person and is still not being helpful is almost worse than Google’s slowly-improving online-only customer service. In the scope of Apple, I think the move away from music content with a DRM is a good one, although they have a ways to go with movies and books:

Linn travels a lot and therefore has, or should I say had, a lot of books on her Kindle, purchased from Amazon. Suddenly, her Kindle was wiped and her account was closed. Being convinced that something wrong had happened, she sent an e-mail to Amazon, asking for help…

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