Snippet: Peak Mac? ☇

Shared on January 29, 2013

Dan Frommer at SplatF thinks there’s still some life to the Mac and backs it up with some charts and graphs. Even if the iPad cannibalizes sales, it’s not the worst thing in the world:

If Steve Jobs was right—PCs are trucks, tablets are cars—then it might be hard for the Mac to ever grow the same way that it did before, especially now that the iPad has become such a big hit. This is a good thing for Apple, where the iPad now generates twice the revenue that the Mac does—just not a good thing for the Mac chart.

Throw the 128GB iPad in the mix and the quicker replacement cycle for iPads, and Apple may be ensuring future revenue continues. I’ve noticed that in the last few years, it seems you can get a few extra years out of Macs than in the PowerPC era. Part of this may be iOS devices, and part of this may be that we’re seeing a bit of a leveling off of capabilities.

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