Snippet: Pedometer++ Hits 1 Million Downloads ☇

Shared on May 11, 2015

_David Smith:

Pedometer++ has become one of the most important apps in my portfolio and probably the app I’m now most widely known for.

It also carries with it an attribute that I’ve never experienced with any of my other projects—a sense of doing genuine good. I have had countless reports of how it has help people get healthier, recover from injury or lose weight. These are the stories that really impact me as a developer. The thought that something I made in my basement can have extended and improved people’s lives is truly remarkable.

I love Pedometer++ and have suggested it to a number of friends and family members. Although it doesn’t have a place on my home screen these days, it is on the first screen of widgets in Notification Center for quick access. If you don’t have it, download it. If you have downloaded and enjoy it, use the purchase function to send some cash David’s way.

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