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Snippet: Please Stop Fighting About Your Smartphone ☇

Shared on March 25, 2013

Mat Honan for Wired:

Nobody cares what kind of smartphone you believe in. It’s not a religion. It’s not your local sports team even. Stop being a soldier. You are not a soldier. You are just wrong. Shut up. You there, with the blog, in the comments, in the pages of the newspaper or the magazine or on Twitter or Facebook. Whatever your opinion is, as soon as you employ it in partisan fashion, it’s deeply and profoundly wrong. Just by sharing it, you are wrong. And nobody cares. Except for the people who do. And they are wrong too. Myself included.

Some ranty, but poignant analysis on what could be the new version of the Mac/PC wars. I could see a bit of support if you actually own stock in a software or hardware company, but other than that, find what works for you. Coincidentally, Lex Friedman wraps up his month trial with Windows Phone and shows how to really compare mobile platforms.

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