Snippet: ‘Profitable’ Washington Post Adding More Than Five Dozen Journalists ☇

Shared on January 2, 2017

Ken Doctor for POLITICO Media:

The Post newsroom will number more than 750, third among the national newspaper-based press and moving it closer to the Times, with which it increasingly competes for high-end talent. The Times complement stands at about 1,307, the company says. USA Today’s newsroom stands at about 450, while the Journal, after its recent buyouts, tells me it employs 1,500.

While a story about a newspaper isn’t the normal technology things covered on this site per se, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos does own the paper and has been making some big changes. Throughout the course of the election, I’ve been impressed with some of the coverage and decided to get a digital subscription. That carried over to Apple News, too. The aspect of it being dirt-cheap for Amazon Prime members, and cheaper than The New York Times for everyone else really pushes it to impulse-subscription territory.

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