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Snippet: Punkt MC01 Legend is the Post-BlackBerry QWERTY Phone Your Thumbs Deserve ☇

Shared on September 27, 2023

Kevin Michaluk for CrackBerry:

This is where the Legend comes in. Speaking to Punkt’s founder, Petter Neby, I learned that the MC01 has been in his mind for years and he still thinks about it daily. It is a phone he strongly wants to commercialize — both for himself to use and for all of us who crave a quality post-BlackBerry messaging phone delivered in a package that doesn’t compromise privacy. Until he’s able to do that, the MC01 remains, well … just a legend.

This post is from last December, but probably something you had not come across either. In my own phone timeline, I skipped the BlackBerry era, but I’m a sucker for weird tech footnotes. Much like Apple working on the iPad before the iPhone, It seems Punkt was working on the MC01 Legend before the MP01 and MP02 before shelving it. If they were ever to bring it to market, I doubt it will be a big seller, but I’d definitely be curious about picking one up. Maybe it’s because I miss the days of weird and unique phones?

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