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Snippet: Reaching the Verdict ☇

Shared on August 28, 2012

Bloomberg TV managed to get an interview of Apple v. Samsung jury foreman Velvin Hogan and he provides some insight and The Verge has an excellent summary:

From the interview, it’s immediately obvious that Hogan was a driving force behind the verdict’s rapid turnaround. In describing the process the jury used to render a verdict, Hogan says they were initially “at a stalemate” because “some of the jurors weren’t sure of the patent prosecution process.” This was on the first day, after which Hogan said he had “an a-ha moment” in which he decided “I could defend this if it was my patent.” From there, Hogan laid out his story for the jury and then the group proceeded to go “patent by patent, claim by claim against the test that the judge had given us.”

…Hogan also denied that there was any bias on the jury, “Nobody owned an iPhone, and not everyone owned Apple equipment,” Hogan says, before adding, “I’m a PC person.” He also notes that there was no bias for Apple (the trial being only a few miles from the company’s headquarters) or against Samsung for being a Korean company: “we set aside the close proximity [of Apple] and looked strictly at the evidence.” The jury found that evidence “overwhelming” – several times, Hogan said that it “spoke for itself.”

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