Snippet: Remembering Rodney ☇

Shared on June 15, 2012

Rodney O. Lain was a tech writer who was a bit controversial, a bit caustic, but always on-point, especially during some of the darkest days for Apple. His works appeared on a number of sites, many of which have since vanished. Ten years ago, after a battle with depression, he took his own life—in my earliest days of tech writing, I always enjoyed his articles, especially when being a Mac user felt like a little bit of a odd and exclusive club. Minimal Mac’s Patrick Rhone shares some thoughts on Lain and his own struggles:

Every time Apple releases something incredible or posts record sales, I can’t help but think about how much he would have been enjoying it. That is, as much as depression or the medicines used to treat it allow you to enjoy anything.

Still, as Rhone suggests, honor Lain by checking out his writings, now collected on Low End Mac.

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