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Snippet: Renewing iPad mini Vows ☇

Shared on August 28, 2022

M.G. Siegler:

I’ve long loved the iPad mini. I’ve written love letters to the iPad mini. I was really upset when it seemed like Apple was quietly sunsetting it. But in the US, I have my tech habits which largely include taking the larger (11”) iPad (Pro) everywhere, alongside the iPhone, of course. I’ll take a MacBook depending on the situation. But the iPad mini is almost always the odd man out. It’s more a home device.

It’s a great little summary of how the iPad mini can be the perfect in-between device and after owning one for a few months, I tend to agree. It’s not small enough to fit in a pants pocket, but I’ve found mine going with me to way more places because it’s almost like a paperback novel and is a much nicer experience for many things than my iPhone.

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