Snippet: Rethinking My Apps and Home Screen ☇

Shared on May 6, 2013

Steve Best tries to cut down duplicate apps and clutter (via Patrick Rhone):

I decided to take a mental inventory of the apps I actually used and preferred, and I set out to transform my phone back into something I actually liked to use. First I set up some ground rules:

  1. If one of Apple’s native iOS apps fit the bill, I would use that. I like most of Apple’s stock apps in terms of how they work and their simplicity. Plus, they were designed by Apple, who has the deepest inside knowledge of the inner workings if iOS, and as a result most of those apps load fast, are stable, and are very responsive.
  2. If one of Apple’s native apps would not fit the bill, I would use a web app. I love the openness of the web, and I feel that is the future. Forecast is an example of a spectacular web app. If there was no suitable web app, I would use a third party app from the App Store.
  3. There would be little to no duplicate apps. Any app that appeared to be a duplicate must have had some important must-have feature(s) that I could not live without.

Although I haven’t gone to this extreme, it is good to look through my folders and figure out why I have some extra apps that haven’t been used in months, or apps that get used frequently on my iPad and never my iPhone.

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