Snippet: RIP Macworld ☇

Shared on September 10, 2014

Seth Weintraub is reporting that IDG has mostly shut down Macworld by wrapping up its print edition and laying off most of its editorial staff. While I’m not surprised to see this, since the same thing happened with PCWorld about a year ago, it’s still sad to see this happen. I grew up reading Macworld even when my machines were far from then-current, and even grabbed back issues when our local library would get rid of them after a few years. Over the years, with it transitioning to more Web-oriented, I got to know some of the staff (mostly indirectly) through podcasts, Twitter, and other social networks. They’re great people, and although there’s plenty of other places for Apple-related news, reviews, opinion articles, and tips, it’ll be sad to see a once-great publication reduced to a shell of itself and a bunch of talented people looking for new jobs.

Brent Simmons put it best:

If we could deliver a standing ovation via internet as these folks leave this particular stage, we would. It’s so deserved.

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