Snippet: RIP Twitter’s Iconic Bird Logo ☇

Shared on July 24, 2023

Jon Porter for The Verge:

Early Monday morning, Twitter began replacing its blue bird logo with a fan-made “𝕏” logo. The same X also appears on Twitter’s homepage, as a profile picture for its official @twitter account, and on a splash screen displayed while the website loads. The blue bird logo hasn’t been expunged from the service entirely — it still serves as the website’s favicon and remains prominent throughout the mobile apps — but we’re now knee-deep in a haphazard rebranding that was announced by Elon Musk yesterday.

Not that anything from Twitter will surprise me these days, but I think it’s worth going on the record that Elon Musk is a moron and terrible businessman. Although there’s been a lot of damage done to the brand, Twitter is still recognizable—”X” is not. The bird is cheerful, “X” feels technical and oppressive. Then again, the dude has been obsessed with the letter X for decades like some braindead Sesame Street character telling you that today’s episode of bigotry and ignorance is brought to you by the letter X. It just feels incredibly cheesy, yet trying to be cool and edgy.

Furthermore, I’m convinced that Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is also a bozo—just about every one of her posts and internal memos feels like airy public-relations nonsense that is ignoring what a cesspool Twitter has become. I don’t think she’s doing much to lead Twitter, but just act as an insulator. She’s not fooling anyone, but then again, her last employer was Comcast.

At least retiring the bird and name will sort of put a final chapter to “old Twitter,” especially as the bird concept was from the Iconfactory.

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