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Snippet: Running the Apple Stores Leaner ☇

Shared on August 16, 2012

Apparently Apple’s new retail boss wants to turn the Apple Retail Stores into any other electronics retailer. Is that whole JCPenney thing over yet and we can bring Ron Johnson back to Apple? More from

[Sr. VP Retail John] Browett’s decision reportedly came despite strongly-worded advice from Retail segment veterans that reducing personnel ahead of the annual Back-to-School promotion and the September introduction of the iPhone 5 could create a customer service catastrophe. Browett disagreed with his staff, and said the chain needs to learn to run “leaner” in all areas, even if the customer experience is compromised. Rumors of employee lay-offs and a hiring slow-down surfaced within the last two weeks, but until now the reason for the cut-backs hasn’t been clear…

The site also shares a Wall Street Journal article stating that Browett admitted the staffing changes were a mistake and the changes had been rescinded. He also denied any rumors of layoffs. Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop also added his two cents on the matter:

This has the stench of a man looking to make a name for himself, not someone that’s doing what’s best for Apple or more importantly, its customers. To take one of the most heralded retail experiences in the world and gut it, stripping it of everything that makes an Apple store what it is, just doesn’t make sense.

It seems to me that Browett is trying to make Apple retail just like every other retail store on the planet. A few employees trying to satisfy an ever growing consumer base. That formula doesn’t work. It may save a few dollars in the short term and Browett may look like a hero on paper, but in reality the whole company would suffer the consequences.

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