Snippet: Scummy Uber ☇

Shared on November 18, 2014

PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy follows up on a revealing article by Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith:

Today, in his horrifying scoop, Smith writes about the the lengths that at least one Uber executive, Emil Michael, was willing to go to discredit anyone– particularly a woman– who may try to question how Uber operates.

Ruining her life? Manufacturing lies? Going after her family? Apparently it’s all part of what Uber has described as its “political campaign” to build a $30 billion (and counting) tech company. A campaign that David Plouffe was hired to “run,” that’s looking more like a pathetic version of play acting House of Cards than a real campaign run by a real political professional. Because step one of an illegal smear campaign against a woman is: Don’t brag about it to a journalist at a party.

The woman in question? The woman that this Uber executive has vowed to go to nearly any lengths to ruin, to bully into silence? Me.

I got rid of Uber’s app awhile back and had them delete my account after some other unsatisfying practices, but I will definitely be looking for an alternative if I need a ride in the future.

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