Snippet: Size Matters Again ☇

Shared on September 15, 2014

Yours truly three-and-a-half years ago:

If Apple moved the iPhone to a four-inch display with the same resolution, it would have a lower pixel-density, potentially losing out on the bragging rights with the current iPhone display […].

Obviously this is common sense, but what about the bigger (literally) implications? An iPhone with a four inch screen would have to be bigger or lose some of the bezel. Although that doesn’t seem so bad, aren’t we trying to have smaller gadgets?

There’s plenty of other writers who had thought 3.5″ was the perfect iPhone screen size, and then 4″ was great. I’m anxiously awaiting an iPhone 6 and can’t wait to adjust to a 4.7″ screen—although there is a lot wrong with what was written a few years ago, Apple has kept the pixel density high and the phones thinner and thinner.

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