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Snippet: Some iOS Apps Secretly Record Your Screen Without Asking ☇

Shared on February 7, 2019

Zack Whittaker for TechCrunch:

Apps like Abercrombie & Fitch, and Singapore Airlines also use Glassbox, a customer experience analytics firm, one of a handful of companies that allows developers to embed “session replay” technology into their apps. These session replays let app developers record the screen and play them back to see how its users interacted with the app to figure out if something didn’t work or if there was an error. Every tap, button push and keyboard entry is recorded — effectively screenshotted — and sent back to the app developers.

Holy smokes—it’s creepy, and I’m not sure how it’s being done, but the sloppy redacting mentioned in the article makes it even worse (apparently sloppy redacting is a thing). With the feeling of no privacy or any sort of ethics, I’m starting to feel like this is the technology Bad Place. I shouldn’t feel like the only things I can trust are the apps built into iOS.

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