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Snippet: Spotify Podcasts Are Podcasts ☇

Shared on May 22, 2020

Matt Birchler:

But at least Spielberg’s distinction at least calls Netflix films “TV movies” and doesn’t deny that they are in fact “movies”. The same can not be said for how the tech corner of the internet reacts to podcasts that are distributed via Spotify, Stitcher Premium, or any other proprietary platform. The attitiude from some is that “podcast” is reserved for audio shows that re distributed via RSS feeds that can be used in any app.

Making the defining characteristic of an art form the minutia of its technical distribution feels…off to me.

If I release a movie in theaters through a major studio, it’s a movie. If I release it on Netflix, it’s a movie. If I release it on TV, it’s a movie. If I release it on Vimeo or YouTube, it’s a movie.

If I release a book through a publisher in all book stores around the world, it’s a book. If I self-publish on Amazon, it’s a book too.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this argument over the last few days and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know how I feel. The geek in me thinks that these audio programs on a proprietary format shouldn’t be called podcasts since they aren’t compatible with any open podcast player. On the other hand, Birchler’s argument is one I’ve also come to since language changes. We’re in a time when that’s become even more obvious, due to big Hollywood blockbusters being released directly to our TVs and most of my favorite TV shows being watchable on my phone from wherever.

Because of that, I can only say that a show like Joe Rogan’s that moves to a closed, exclusive platform is different (can’t even play it on an old iPod), but sure acts, looks, and feels like a podcast.

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