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Snippet: Suppose You Were in a Jumanji for Ten Years ☇

Shared on June 29, 2017

John Voorhees thoroughly reviews the original iPhone for MacStories:

I don’t know of any product that’s had a bigger impact on so many people’s lives. Whether at work or play, the iPhone created opportunities big and small that were not possible before its launch. With a groundbreaking touch interface and intuitive design, the iPhone democratized technology and empowered people on a far greater scale than the desktop PC has managed by connecting people across the globe in a new and powerful way.

I really wanted to do something for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, but knew that there’d be many, many better more detailed accounts out there. I was correct in my assumption, but this is way more creative than I could have imagined, especially taken with the lens that Voorhees knows what it’s like to use a modern iPhone.

(A nod to Kyle Seth Gray and Saturday Night Live for the title’s inspiration.)

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