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Snippet: Sweeping the Sleaze ☇

Shared on May 30, 2012

Information Architects’ Oliver Reichenstein:

Don’t worry. These buttons will vanish. The previous wave of buttons for Delicious and Digg and Co. vanished, Facebook and Twitter and G+ might vanish or they might survive, but the buttons will vanish for sure. Or do you seriously think that in ten years we will still have those buttons on every page? No, right? Why, because you already know as a user that they’re not that great. So why not get rid of them now? Because “they’re not doing any harm”? Are you sure?

I came to the conclusion awhile back that users aren’t stupid—if you wanted to find SchwarzTech in Twitter, you could easily search for it. If you want to share something we wrote, you can either quote/retweet our own posts or just paste the link in your favorite Twitter client. The same goes for Facebook, although we don’t use it nearly as much.

Snippets are posts that share a linked item with a bit of commentary.