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Snippet: T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Complete ☇

Shared on April 1, 2020

Jon Brodkin:

T-Mobile completed its $31 billion acquisition of Sprint today and announced that CEO John Legere has resigned from the carrier’s top job a month sooner than planned.

With today’s close, T-Mobile said it has “successfully completed its long-planned Chief Executive Officer transition from John Legere to Mike Sievert ahead of schedule.” T-Mobile had previously said Legere would leave at the end of April.

I’m not shocked that this finally wrapped up as all signs pointed to it happening, but was a little surprised that Legere left a bit earlier than expected.

For now, the two brands will operate separately (web sites, accounts, stores, etc.) as everything is integrated from a network and operations side. I’ll be curious to see if any reference to Sprint is kept when all is said and done.

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