Snippet: T-Mobile Investigating Claims of Massive Customer Data Breach ☇

Shared on August 15, 2021

Joseph Cox for Vice/Motherboard:

T-Mobile says it is investigating a forum post claiming to be selling a mountain of personal data. The forum post itself doesn’t mention T-Mobile, but the seller told Motherboard they have obtained data related to over 100 million people, and that the data came from T-Mobile servers.

The data includes social security numbers, phone numbers, names, physical addresses, unique IMEI numbers, and driver licenses information, the seller said. Motherboard has seen samples of the data, and confirmed they contained accurate information on T-Mobile customers.

Unfortunately, while data breaches are almost unavoidable these days, they’ve become an almost annual tradition at T-Mobile US, Inc. The fact that it happens time and time again and many of the socially-engineered SIM-swap or port-out hacks seem to happen with T-Mobile indicate that problems aren’t being properly addressed. Sort yourselves out and maybe start taking security a bit more seriously.

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