Snippet: The 16-inch MacBook Pro ☇

Shared on November 14, 2019

Although just about anyone who is worth anything in the Apple universe has a post about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, Marco Arment has been rather outspoken about the outgoing models and its flaws, so I was eager to see what his early thoughts included:

I’m on cloud nine. Look at this glorious keyboard! An Esc key! Inverted-T arrow keys! A millimeter of key travel! Enough spacing between the keys for our fingers to accurately orient themselves! And keystrokes will probably work, 100% of the time, for years!

Five years ago, nobody would’ve considered any of these noteworthy, and readers would’ve suspected you weren’t of sound mind if you included them in a review.

Five years ago, laptop keyboards were fine. Everyone was pretty much satisfied with the ones they had, they worked, and we never had to talk or think about them.

While I know that changes take time to redesign a product line, I still feel like Apple should have done this a few years ago instead of arguing how many times they’ve improved the butterfly keyboards. Still, it’s nice to see that this machine may be a first step in having portable Macs that we can get excited about.

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