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Snippet: The (Almost) Life and Death of Stocketa ☇

Shared on October 16, 2023

Paul Stamatiou:

Little did I know this project would consume my nights and weekends for over two years, often spending 10-20 hours a week on it. I built a ton of functionality, sweat all the details, wrote a comprehensive node backend for it, created an LLC for it, and managed an active Testflight. I was learning Swift and SwiftUI along the way, so I was often redesigning and rebuilding as I went.

Eventually, I decided to stop pursuing it. I’ll get into the why a bit later. This post is for me to document Stocketa. I designed and built a lot that I’m proud of and want to have somewhere to archive it before I pull the plug.

This is a really great look at the planning, development, marketing, and design aspects of an app that eventually never launched (hint: it’s API issues). I played with a TestFlight build awhile back and it was as amazing as it appeared.

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