Snippet: The Company Store ☇

Shared on January 22, 2024

Michael Steeber:

When Wired advised the Apple community to “Pray” in June 1997, The Company Store was there. When Steve Jobs introduced the iMac, The Company Store was there. When the iPod, iPhone, and iPad flourished beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, The Company Store was there. And in 2015, when Apple began a floor-to-ceiling redesign of its retail stores across the globe, The Company Store played its greatest role, transforming into Apple Infinite Loop, the first location in North America with the New Store Design. Apple Infinite Loop will permanently close on January 20, but the spirit of The Company Store won’t end there.

The story of Apple Infinite Loop begins at least as early as 1991, when Apple submitted drawings for “Apple R&D Campus” at 10700 N. DeAnza Blvd, Cupertino. You’ll know this address today as 1 Infinite Loop. Marked on the ground level floor plan are two retail spaces flanking the campus entrance. This might be the first ever public reference to “Apple Retail.”

It’s a nice sendoff to a space that existed before Apple Stores, and was on borrowed time after basically being replaced by the Apple Park Visitor Center.

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