Snippet: The Day the iPad Became the Mac ☇

Shared on January 29, 2013

Matt Alexander over at OneThirtySeven discusses Apple’s new 128GB iPad, which will cost $799 for the Wi-Fi-only model and $929 for the cellular model:

Moreover, with a price immediately comparable to the 11-inch MacBook Air, Apple has ostensibly released an iPad that broaches into the realm of full-time workhorse device. Boasting enormous storage for a predominantly cloud-driven iOS device, a Retina display, enormous battery life, and an extensive suite of software, today’s addition to the iPad line brings the entire product-line into the realm of the Mac.

When considering the iPad, we infrequently consider specifications. This is primarily due to the fact that the iOS ecosystem has mostly done away with the need for knowledge of core speeds and memory allotments. Although they certainly play into device capabilities, Apple has simply not widely shared this information with its consumers.

And yet, today, thinking about a 128 GB Retina-enabled device available for several hundred dollars less than my 128 GB non-Retina Air, specifications become a rather interesting narrative to follow. Today’s iPad, available for $929 with an LTE radio, improves upon the battery life, display, storage, portability, and connectivity of my 11-inch Air.

I think this is a very interesting point of discussion, especially as my iPad gets much more use—even for productivity—than my Macs.

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