Snippet: The Dream Police They Live Inside of My Headphones ☇

Shared on July 7, 2023

“Ricky” for Council Estate Media (via Matt Birchler):

In some countries, employers already demand workers switch their webcam on at all times while they’re working from home. Who needs privacy? We are, after all, the full property of our employers and have no value as individuals. Let’s look at how we can get even more invasive, shall we?

So these headphones that I wish weren’t real, what are they and what do they actually do? Well, according to Farahani, they monitor your brain activity and can tell when you’re focusing on your job, day dreaming, chatting to your colleagues, or even browsing social media. They can send a live feed of your brain activity to your employer who can look into your mind at any time. They can even tell when you’ve got the hots for a co-worker and this can be used to enforce policies against office romance…

Thanks, I hate it here. Anyone else think we computered too much?

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