Snippet: The Dream Setup ☇

Shared on April 23, 2016

Michael Rockwell:

I do think about my dream setup occasionally, though, it’s hard not to. And I’ve realized something about mine — it has changed a lot in the past year. Two years ago, if you were to ask me what my dream setup was, it wouldn’t be all that different from the one I wanted in 2010.

The latest iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and iMac with a second monitor has been my dream setup for as long those products have been available. But if you ask me today, you’ll get a much different answer…

Although I’ve covered that twice before, this year feels a bit different. I have my ideal iPhone, at least from what exists in Apple’s product line. My Mac is good enough and gets such little use that I’m not lusting after something else. As for my iPad, which has become my primary computer, if funds were unlimited, I’d certainly get an iPad Pro, but I’d probably use it exactly like my iPad Air 2. The shift to more uniform, mobile devices really changes the concept of the dream setup.

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