Snippet: The Forgotten iPod touch ☇

Shared on January 15, 2015

Stephen Hackett:

The iPod touch is a big hit for parents looking for lost-cost devices for their kids, but with the original, A5-powered iPad mini now for sale at just $249, the iPod touch is a harder sell. The iPad mini — with its bigger screen and better battery — is a lot better for games and videos, the two things kids do with these kinds of devices. Toss in that it’s much harder to lose a 7.9-inch device than a 4-inch one, and it’s not hard to see why the iPod touch may be losing out to the iPad mini.

I’d love to see Apple do away with their A5 products once and for all—in some ways, I think this is holding iOS back. Besides that, the iPod touch is a great product to have, but with hand-me-down iPhones and the iPad mini, it really doesn’t have a place. However, I would like to see Apple either make the decision to discontinue it or upgrade it to at least be on par with the iPhone 5S.

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