Snippet: The Ghost of Apple Card Past ☇

Shared on August 28, 2019

Ken Segall:

The year was 2004, when Apple was a very different company. It had only recently reinvented the music industry with iPod and iTunes, forever changing the way we buy and discover music.

Steve thought the time was right for Apple to offer its own credit card. He would call it … (drum roll)… Apple Card.

It’s weird that in my mind, 2004 still doesn’t seem like that long ago, but then I think about the context of what Apple products would have been sold during that era and realize that it was a long time ago. Had this been launched, it probably would’ve been a first card for many people that attended college the same time as me, rather than some of the sign-up-and-get-a-free-t-shirt-or-pizza nonsense that was common before 2009.

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