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Snippet: The Hockenberry Flip ☇

Shared on May 25, 2015

Craig Hockenberry explains why he flipped his Apple Watch around (and I liked the name David Sparks gave this method):

One of the first things I noticed about using the Apple Watch was that pressing the digital crown on my left wrist required a fairly awkward position of the index finger on my right hand. While pressing on the crown without another finger to provide resistance, the strap twisted uncomfortably. When you try to get your thumb on the opposite side of the case to provide support, you either cover the face or resort to contortions. […]

Apple never adds settings without a good reason. The inclusion of a preference for the crown position is a pretty clear indication that someone important knew that this was an ergonomically superior choice. But it’s also one that goes against horologic convention: Apple’s desire for this device to be visually appealing won out over ergonomics. I’ll be the first to admit that the “reverse crown” looks weird.

I’m giving this a try and have found that in a few instances, it’s taking some getting used to, but I haven’t noticed any ill-effects so far. Clicking and double-clicking the Digital Crown seems easier.

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