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Snippet: The Intersection of Technology and Baseball ☇

Shared on April 17, 2012

If you care even a bit about baseball and technology, Chuck Salter takes a look at MLB Advanced Media:

[CEO Bob] Bowman didn’t see [mobile developer Chad] Evans until three weeks later–standing onstage, during the launch of the iPad, when Evans introduced MLB’s new app to the world. It would be able to play gorgeous video of live major-league games while simultaneously displaying the latest stats. “Nice job,” Steve Jobs told him backstage. But BAM’s work was really just beginning. The dazzling two-minute demo was the equivalent of a movie trailer, and Bowman’s team still had to make the actual movie. “Everyone said no one would use the iPad,” says Bowman. “It’s the wrong size. It’s been tried before, blah, blah, blah. We said, ‘Hell, yes, we’re in.'”

It’s nice to see that a professional sport is taking advantage of new technologies successfully. Now if only they could take care of those blackouts.

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