Snippet: The iPad 1 Problem ☇

Shared on October 2, 2012

Harry Marks adds value to a post by Marco Arment, and brings up a few interesting points about the value of the original iPad in today’s iOS 6 world:

Many people bought the original iPad to replace their desktops and/or laptops for basic computing tasks: Web browsing, email, reading, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games. What Apple has done with that iPad is change the average lifespan of the new personal computer from 3-4 years to 1-2 years and, while I understand why the company made the choices it did, it means it’s going to be that much longer before I invest in a new iPad.

Having owned the original iPad, it was revolutionary device, but underpowered once you started doing more than what it originally shipped with. I wish Apple had included more RAM, as this was its limitation, much like the original Macintosh (the iPhone 4 has similar specifications and a similar screen resolution, but double the RAM), but I suspect most people will be able to get more usefulness out of the iPad 2 or third-generation iPad. After picking up a third-generation model myself, the original iPad feels even more sluggish, but the iPad 2 still holds it own.

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