Snippet: The iPhone Will Switch to USB-C ☇

Shared on October 26, 2022

Chris Hannah:

I wonder if the EU law works somewhat in Apple’s favour here. Apple were clearly already on a journey to USB-C with the rest of their products. Although some would argue, the iPhone was destined to be port-less. However, this allows Apple to redirect any possible negativity towards the switch to USB-C to the EU.

I think this is an interesting take and one that I agree with—when Apple switched from the Dock Connector to Lightning, so many people acted like it was a conspiracy to make you buy more cables and throw out everything, despite Lightning being superior in every way. I can see the same argument being made if Apple had switched to USB-C on the iPhone on its own. Although Lightning had a ten year run (following the Dock Connector’s nine year run), the same arguments would be made, but the blame can instead be pointed to EU regulators. Once that happens, everyone will replace a few cables, get over it, and move on. Do I agree with the EU’s methodology? Not really, but what’s done is done.

In my home, switching an iPhone to USB-C won’t be a big deal—about the only time I even use Lightning is for a fast charge or in my car—everything else is Qi. On the other hand, older accessories, like AirPods, Apple TV remotes, a Logitech Crayon, and old iPhones will sort of rotate through my remaining inventory of Lightning cables.

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