Snippet: The iPhone X: An Ode to Ten Years of iPhone Design ☇

Shared on November 7, 2017

Sebastiaan de With found that the iPhone X features a lot of little touches that seem to be inspired from prior iPhones:

10 years ago, the first iPhones were in our hands and we were in awe at what a device its size could do. At the time, I also found the design of this device remarkable: it didn’t look like any other cellphone or Apple product. Its particular styling of metal and glass was a completely new thing. Apple would proceed to radically innovate in the industrial design of its iPhones for the next decade.

Looking at iPhone X, you can see how Apple has taken 10 years of those innovations in industrial design and essentially summarized it.

Besides profiling each prior generation of iPhone, there’s some stunning photography with this post.

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