Snippet: The Magazine ☇

Shared on October 11, 2012

Although Federico Viticci has an excellent post on MacStories summarizing his impressions and the product as a whole, I thought I’d take the words straight from Marco Arment’s keyboard instead:

Many publications focus on reviews and comparisons, or bring you as much news as quickly as possible. The Magazine will not serve those roles. Instead, it takes a measured approach to the big picture: rather than telling readers everything that happens in technology, The Magazine delivers meaningful editorial and big-picture articles.

The Magazine also goes beyond technology. My podcast is mostly about software development, but whenever we talk about non-development topics such as coffee or cars, we get strong feedback from listeners who love it and want more. We realized that it shouldn’t be a podcast about development — it should be a podcast for developers and people who love topics that appeal to geeks like us.

The Magazine is similar: rather than be limited to technology, its topics appeal to people who love technology.

So far, I’m about halfway through the first issue (I’ve been really busy and behind on reading this week), and enjoy it quite a bit—not only are the articles from a who’s who of tech writers, but they cover a variety of topics and it really is a worthwhile product. At $1.99/month with posts published every other week, it’s something you can take your time and enjoy. Also worth noting is that the interface is very plain and lightweight, and text is selectable (unlike other Newsstand apps), allowing you to focus on the content itself.

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