Snippet: The Naming of Things ☇

Shared on September 7, 2012

Marko Savic points out a few things when considering Apple’s naming scheme (via The Loop):

I believe Apple will continue naming iPhones with numbers. This means there will only be one form factor. Pricing and quality are generational, making it easy to compare. Much like deciding between a Macbook Air and a Macbook Pro, to the consumer, purchasing the next iPhone becomes a question of, “Should I get the 4S or the 5?”

The possible introduction of a new iPad form factor begs the question: do they skip a tertiary brand, and let iPad stand on its own – something rarely done with their newer brands – or do they introduce a new tertiary brand here?

I believe they will add a new tertiary brand, giving them room to grow (up and down) the iPad’s reach without diluting its image as post-PC. iPad Nano, iPad Air and iPad Jr. have been kicked around. I don’t believe they will go with Nano without killing the iPod Nano, or Air, without renaming the product line to Macbook. Perhaps they will merge the Nano with the Shuffle in order to free up the name.

I’ve written on this topic in regards to numbering of iPhones and iPads and operating systems, and Savic makes some great points about Apple’s bits of intentionality with an otherwise messy and complicated system.

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