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Snippet: The One Remaining Use of the Word ‘Macintosh’ ☇

Shared on January 10, 2020

Adam Engst:

Some weeks ago, I was struck by the thought that Apple had almost entirely managed to scrub its corporate communications of the word “Macintosh.” It’s not surprising, of course, but I was curious if the company had slipped up anywhere. To find out, I put together a complex Google search that focused on just Apple sites, eliminating those which host third-party content like It also eliminates pages pointing at technical specifications for old products, a page listing obsolete products, and a spurious link to the Wikipedia page on HyperCard that somehow got an URL.

My search confirmed my initial hunch that there is only one official remaining use of the word “Macintosh” by today’s Apple: the default “Macintosh HD” name of the internal drive on a new Mac. Many Mac users personalize that name immediately, although less experienced Mac users often don’t realize they’re allowed to change it. (If you’ve never done it, just click the name once to select it and a second time to start editing it, just like a file or folder.)

I love that this still exists and many people don’t even notice or see it. As many Macs have solid state drives, the “HD” portion and icon add to the anachronism further. I used to come up with cool names for my boot drives, but my current Mac mini is just “Macintosh SSD” to be a little more accurate.

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