Snippet: The Past and the Future ☇

Shared on July 18, 2013

Shawn Blanc:

The desire to “start fresh” and get rid of all your old work so that nothing in your archives is of any embarrassment is to assume that your best work is now at a plateau and that you’ll never move to a different interest or topic to write about.

If you think you’ve reached a point where you can create work that never makes you cringe again, then you’re saying that what you do today will be just as good as what you do next month, next year, and in 5 years from now.

About a month ago, I was thinking of ways to majorly refresh this site (spoiler alert), and just couldn’t quite dump things due to history. Unlike a consumer product where something ultimately replaces something else, this site has become a timeline of my own thoughts on the industry and products. Although some news and links are old and outdated, a reader can get a feel for what I was thinking ten years ago and see how that has made me the writer I am today. Plus a bit of nostalgia is fun from time to time.

Snippets are posts that share a linked item with a bit of commentary.