Snippet: The Practicality of Art in Software ☇

Shared on February 2, 2023

Federico Viticci:

In bringing this back to software, it’s evident that – again, historically – Apple doesn’t believe in art as a veneer to make something “look good”. Art – whereby “art” we refer to the human care behind the design of software – is intrinsically tied to the technology that powers the computer. It’s the intersection of technology and liberal arts: skew toward one side more than the other, and you risk of losing the balance many of us like about Apple. Art in Apple’s software isn’t some secret ingredient that can just be added at the end of the process, like a spice: great design is the process itself. Case in point: the Dynamic Island.

The entire post is worth reading, especially in the context of many Apple fans holding the company to a high standard when it comes to design and functionality. I think it also mirrors the concerns I’ve seen in academia where the focus has moved to just STEM, cutting the arts as they’re seen as a money pit (even small programs that might be geared towards electives). The two need to work hand-in-hand to create well-rounded experiences and I think Apple generally balances it well, but should be criticized when it doesn’t.

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