Snippet: The Three Computers of the Future ☇

Shared on December 21, 2015

Ben Brooks looks at the philosophies behind the MacBook, the iPad Pro, and the Surface Pro 4 and how they are easing us into a future that is more in line with the iPad:

These three devices are getting us ready, holding our hands, as we make a shift. We needed this same level of hand holding as software moved from our desktop machines to the web, but now we don’t hold it against an app if it is web based. In fact, many see being web-based as a bonus.

Soon too we won’t hold it against a computing device if it is more in the vein of the iPad than the MacBook — and soon there after (as is happening with software now) we will hold it against computers for not acting more like an iPad.

I wholeheartedly agree with this idea, although I am guilty of having a Mac mini as my secondary computer at home. An iPad Air 2 has become my go-to device for home and BYOD at work.

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