Snippet: The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain ☇

Shared on April 7, 2014

Scotty Loveless:

I worked on the Genius Bar for almost two years, and the most difficult issue to solve was short battery life. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why someone’s battery was draining.

I made it my mission to discover the specific reasons for iOS battery drainage. This article is a product of my years of research and anecdotal evidence I gathered in the hundreds of Genius Bar appointments I took during my time as a Genius and iOS technician, as well as testing on my personal devices and the devices of my friends.

As someone who gets asked about battery drain on iOS devices by friends and people at work, this article summarizes a lot of tips I’ve been sharing for years. I use the Airplane-Mode-on-with-Wi-Fi-re-enabled trick when I go to games at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, as it has pretty good Wi-Fi, but basically kills any sort of cellular signal coming in.

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