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Snippet: The Website Obesity Crisis ☇

Shared on January 4, 2016

Maciej Ceglowski explains that even though our computers and internet connections get faster, our web sites shouldn’t get fatter (via John Gruber):

These comically huge homepages for projects designed to make the web faster are the equivalent of watching a fitness video where the presenter is just standing there, eating pizza and cookies.

The world’s greatest tech companies can’t even make these tiny text sites, describing their flagship projects to reduce page bloat, lightweight and fast on mobile.

I can’t think of a more complete admission of defeat.

I think this is a great presentation, and there are many aspects where I could slim this site down a bit, but I’d also lose some capability and/or eye candy that I like. I do try to be mindful of slower or metered connections, so any changes are often carefully considered.

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