Snippet: Tim Cook on Why Apple Still Uses Twitter ☇

Shared on September 17, 2023

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

On the heels of Apple’s “Wonderlust” special event, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with John Dickerson for an interview on CBS Sunday Morning. In the interview, Cook discussed Apple’s environmental goals, while also touching on the company’s decision to continue using Twitter, investing in Texas, and more.

When asked by Dickerson whether Apple should cease advertising on Twitter, Cook had an explanation (of sorts) for Apple’s continued commitment to the platform.
“It’s something that we ask ourselves. Generally, my view is Twitter’s an important property,” Cook said. “I like the concept that it’s there for discourse and there as a town square. There’s also some things about it I don’t like.”

Apple should move away from X Twitter full stop. While the service still has some decent traffic, I doubt many people are learning about Apple’s products through it. Plus, there’s no control over where those ads will appear—do you really want a post talking about the new iPhone next to some homophobic, racist, antisemitic, or just willfully ignorant tweet? I’m guessing that Tim Cook and Apple are probably placating Elon Musk just a little as he’ll white to regulators that the biggest company in the world is bullying him, which is not a great look either. It’s a tough spot and I think the better path forward is to slowly ease your way out of it, rather than just abandoning it completely.

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