Snippet: Tweetbot 3 Questions and Answers ☇

Shared on October 25, 2013

I grabbed a copy of Tweetbot 3 last night, as it is one of the top Twitter clients in my rotation. Although some may complain about the cost for a new version, I don’t mind paying $2.99 to support some hard work (my only gripe is that they didn’t make it a universal app—I would’ve even paid double). There are a number of major changes and the app does lose some of its more heavy-handed design for something just as playful and unique, but more appropriate in the context of iOS 7. I’m enjoying the new app, although there is a few things to learn. Fortunately, Paul Haddad compiled a lot of frequently asked questions from Twitter and other places and complied them in a really open and honest post on the Tapbots site.

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