Snippet: Twitter Blue Will Reportedly Cost More From iPhones to Offset ‘Hidden 30 Percent Tax’ ☇

Shared on December 9, 2022

Jon Porter for The Verge:

Twitter Blue may relaunch at two different price points depending on where you subscribe from, according to a new report from The Information. The premium subscription could cost $11 when purchased via Twitter’s iOS app, or a reduced $7 per month if users subscribe via Twitter’s website. The price disparity is likely an attempt to circumvent the 30 percent commission Apple charges on many in-app purchases.

I think this is perfectly fine to offset the very public and not hidden 15-30% cut that Apple gets from things purchased through the App Store—don’t paint it as a conspiracy, the App Store and its rules have existed for fourteen years. However, when businesses do this, it feels cheap and consumer-unfriendly. Apple doesn’t lose, but those who may not know they can get it cheaper by subscribing outside of an in-app purchase will. It reminds me of businesses that have a debit/credit surcharge—we’re in a world where cash is not the default, so raise your prices slightly to cover processing fees and anyone paying by a less expensive means is a nice little bonus.

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