Snippet: Ubiquiti is Suing Brian Krebs ☍

Shared on March 29, 2022

Hacker News (originally posted by Corey Quinn on Twitter):

So I’ve been a *mostly* happy @Ubiquiti customer, despite a few hiccups with their Cloud Key Gen 2+ model space heater.

And a security breach.

That I first found out about from @briankrebs.

Against whom Ubiquiti has apparently just filed a lawsuit.

I’m sure as this lawsuit makes the rounds there will be more posts, but this just isn’t good all-around. In my experience, Ubiquiti has gone from a great prosumer brand of networking gear to a company that has released more and more buggy updates, abandoned entire product lines, and hasn’t really innovated in the last few years. Behind the scenes, I’ve wondered about their practices and the structure of their leadership. Prior to that downturn, they seemed to scratch the right itch of price and features and reliability, to the point that I had installed thousands of dollars and recommended their products heavily. Between some of the decisions, the way the breach was handled—regardless of the nitpick facts—and now the lawsuit has me avoiding them completely.

Rather than taking a good look at what got them to where they’re at and how they’ve burned up almost all the goodwill amongst tech enthusiasts and network engineers, suing a tech journalist and reminding everyone about what happened again seems like the most sound thing to do. At worst, it might have been bad reporting, but there still was a data breach and Ubiquiti handled it poorly.

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